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Primary Guestroom Rental Agreement

Gather Northport was designed for a slow living experience. With this in mind we encourage you disconnect digitally to reconnect with one another in meaningful ways through exploring the village and nearby hikes, playing games, listening to music and chatting. We do have Wifi upon request should you desire it. Text Brianne at 310-617-3601 for the password.

We ask you to also abide by the following rules:

  1. No parties or events allowed.
  2. No smoking allowed.
  3. No pets allowed.
  4. No unregistered guests allowed.
  5. Please don’t eat or drink in the beds.
  6. Please respect the quiet hours from 9:00 pm - 8:00 am.
  7. Please respect check-in and check-out times.
  8. Please take extra care of your keys. Lost keys incur a replacement fee.
  9. Please take care of the furnishings. You have to pay for damages that exceed the security deposit.
  10. Please don’t rearrange the furniture.
  11. Please take the trash out to the side porch before you leave.
  12. No illegal substances allowed on the premises.

1. Property

This vacation rental property is located at 110 S. Bay Street in Northport, MI 49670. The upstairs primary guestroom has one king bedroom, a bathroom with shower and a balcony. Linens and towels are provided along with a mini-fridge.

2. Maximum Occupancy

The maximum number of guests is limited to 2 persons. An additional charge or fee per person per night in addition to the nightly rate will be assessed.

3. Term of the lease

The vacation rental lease begins at 3:00 pm on the check-in date and ends at 12:00 pm on the check-out date. Failure to adhere to the check-out time may result in an additional late fee set at $50 unless discussed in advance of the stay.

4. Minimum Stay

This property requires a 2 night minimum stay. If rental is taken for less than 2 days, the guest will be charged the $150 nightly rate.

5. Rental Rules

Guest(s) agree to abide by the house rules above at all times while at the property, and shall cause all members of the rental partly and anyone else Guest permits on the property to abide by the house rules at all times while residing at the property.

6. Access

Guest(s) shall allow Homeowner access to the property for purposes of repair, inspection or emergency. Homeowner shall exercise this right of access in a reasonable manner by giving at least 2 hours notice (unless in case of emergency).

7. Rental rate and fees

A. Deposit: A deposit of 50% is due at least 3 days prior to the check-in date. The deposit is for security purposes and will be refunded within 3 days of the check-out date provided no deductions are made due to:

i. damage caused to the property of furnishings;

ii. dirt or other mess requiring excessive cleaning; or

iii. any other cost incurred by Homeowner due to Guest's stay

8. Rental rate:

Payment in full will be due within 5 days of the check-in date.

9. Cancellation Policy:

If guest wishes to cancel the reservation, the deposit will be refunded as follows:

75% if cancelled 5 days prior to check-in.

25% if cancelled 3 days prior to check-in.

The deposit will be kept if guest cancells 2 days or less prior to check-in.

The homeowner may also be entitled to cancel the Guest stay if house rules are broken during the rental period.

$ 0.00