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6 Weeks to Thrive – Digging Deep to Grow with Brian Truskowski

Have you been unsatisfied with your current life experiences?  Are you needing support to move forward in a healthy and productive way? Are you needing a safe container to explore what is next? If  you are curious about the fertile soil lying beneath your current mindset, consider joining our group coaching experience.
In this closed container, we will collaborate and co-support each other, in a safe space and explore important topics, including healthy communication, goal setting, looking at our career choices, self care and the importance of story telling. Creating space to go deep with each other, create connections and generating enlivening experiences to motivate us into what’s next.
Note: This 6 week course begins with a primer on Wednesday, September 13th from 10:30-12 PM. To attend this course before committing to the series please register here.
A 10% discount is offered to those who register for the primer and the series. Use the code GATHER10 at checkout.
**Because space is limited, we are unable to offer refunds.
  • Week 1 — October 4th: We will gather, connect and have some ice breakers and start to create the container.  We will brainstorm and start to set the foundation of the following 5 weeks.
  • Week 2 — October 11th: We will have discussions on what healthy communication looks like. We will have an interactive experience, involving drums and percussion, that will help you understand communication on a deeper level.
  • Week 3 — October 18th: We will dive deep with looking at our careers/ vocation. Look at what we are currently doing, and creating space to possibly generate something new, or change perspective on your current situation
  • Week 4 — October 25th: We will explore self care, and the many ways in which this shows up. There will be an experience with learning how to use self massage techniques, to help you work out your own aches and tightness. We will also be spending time out in nature, exploring  ourselves in a deeper way, in the quietude of the outside.
  • Week 5 — November 1st: We will be exploring story telling. Who are we? What stories have we been telling ourselves or others that may be true, or perpetuating our current situation, that may be limiting us from moving forward? By sharing our stories, we often help support others on their path as well.
  • Week 6 — November 8th: In week six, we will wrap up and integrate our experience. Share our take-aways and start to make plans for what will happen after we conclude our time together.


Oct 04 2023


10:00 am - 11:30 am


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